If our visitors would like to spend a memorable day at us, apart from visiting our museum we recommend the geocaching walking-tour organised on the area of the Balaton Uplands National Park. Geocaching is an enjoyable excursion where our visitors can get to know better the rolling landscape of the woods around Vonyarcvashegy. Apart from being an excursion it is an exciting treasure-hunting tour where – with the help of a GPS receiver – we can find cases or 'caches' filled with treasure. The treasure chest is no other than a household container in which there is a logbook and a small gift. The latter can be kept by the treasure-hunter but he also has to take a little "present" with himself and put it in the place of the gift he took so that the next player does not leave empty-handed either. Apart from the excitement of treasure-hunting, the aim is to get to know Hungary's hidden natural treasures. In Vonyarcvashegy, for example, in rainy-muddy wheather we recommend a trip on hard surface road to the chapel on St. Michael Hill or a forest trip to the Berzsenyi viewpoint where you can capture the view of the Balaton or even half of Transdanubia, not to mention the sense of achievment when finding the treasure.

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