The Foundation for Balaton Wine Culture was brought into being by the management of the Balaton Wine Gallery chain in 2008 with the aim of facilitating the development of the wine-making areas of the Balaton Wine Region, and also to further build the reputation of one of Hungary's vine regions with the best conditions. We would like to see the excellent-quality Balaton wines produced here to be recognised and praised in the domestic and international wine culture.

Therefore the ambitions of the Balaton Wine Gallery and those of the Foundation are intertwined: to bring the atmosphere of Balaton wineries closer to more people, and to make more people like the Balaton wines' world of aromas. Both the Balaton wine trading centre and the regional representation of wineries can be found in the heart of the Balaton wine culture, the centre of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region, in the Balaton Wine Curia in Csopak.

The Balaton Wine Gallery and the Foundation is also responsible for the professional life of the region apart from the commercial and touristic functions. They organise 3 to 4 bigger and several smaller events in the country which helps in the middle run the Balaton wine region will occupy the right place in the head of consumers both in Hungary and abroad.